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2022 Servant Leader Application

General Information

For example: Instagram - @johnsmith123
Applicants may or may not be asked to serve all of the weeks they select.

Church Life

Salvation Testimony

Please answer these questions honestly to the best of your ability. SLs are not required to have experienced salvation or be confident in their beliefs. These questions are to help the Camp Ozone staff better serve and teach you as you serve with us.


I understand that being a Servant Leader at Camp Ozone means serving and cooperating with all staff members as unto the Lord, obeying all camp rules, sacrificing time and comfort, and assisting wherever needed. My chief aim will be to serve, while growing closer to God. I hereby authorize investigation of all statements herein and release Camp Ozone and all others from liability in connection with the same. I understand that, if selected, I will be an at-will staff member and that any agreement to the contrary must be in writing and signed by the Camp Director. I also understand that untrue, misleading, or omitted information herein may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by the camp.