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Q: What’s for dinner?

A: You’ll just have to wait til then to find out. (Campers will be happy to know that I am planning to add a menu board so they can stop asking me that question.)

Q: When is summer camp going to start??

A: June! Kids, make sure your parents sign you up!

Q: Will Miss Beth be cooking us amazing food this year?

A: Yes. Yes she will. She is a amazing. She also writes websites.

Q: Are we going to have fun at camp?

A: Of course you are! These questions are just silly.

Q: Isn’t it OK to be silly?

A: Well, yeah. We are camp people, after all.

Q: Will you be silly at camp?

A: Most definitely. But not while I am cooking.

Q: Should we stop asking questions now?

A: Yeah, that would be good. See you in June!