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2024 Servant Leader Application

Dear Prospective Servant Leader,

You’re about to consider something that could forever change your life! That’s not just something to say. It’s something we DO at Camp Ozone…

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Purpose.

The Servant Leader (SL) program is a challenging opportunity for teenagers who typically are entering 9th or 10th grade. If you desire to:

  1. Be stretched in your relationship with God
  2. Learn leadership and responsibility and problem solving through serving others
  3. Grow spiritually and relationally in a close life giving community…continue reading.

What SLs do is SO VERY CRITICAL to Camp Ozone’s Mission:

Reaching children and families, teaching them to love God, His Word, and His created world.

You will serve in the kitchen, snack shop, activity area upkeep, janitorial work, grow through solo and group Bible studies, and more. It’s not always fun or easy, but it IS life changing! Summer Camp would grind to a halt in hours without YOU! The work of serving is that important!

Still interested in becoming an SL? Awesome!

To be considered, you must complete this application. If you would prefer to download, print, and then return the form, you can download it here. Pictures of the application as email attachments MUST BE VERY CLEAR to be accepted.

Applications need to be received by May 1st, 2024.

General Information

Applicants may or may not be asked to serve all of the weeks they select.

Church Life

Being a Christian is not a requirement as an SL. But we want to know about you, and what’s important to you.

I Agree to the following

I understand that being a Servant Leader at Camp Ozone means serving, cooperating, and growing with all staff members, as I am personally serving the Lord.
I understand that as an SL my reason for being chosen is to do my important part to fulfill Camp Ozone’s Mission: Reaching children and families, teaching them to love God, His Word, and His created world.
I understand that as an SL I set an example for campers by obeying all camp rules, sacrificing personal time and comfort, and serving intentionally wherever needed.
I understand that as an SL I am willingly choosing to live and serve in a close, challenging, life giving community for the time I am allowed to serve.
Because of the above, I hereby authorize investigation of all statements herein and release Camp Ozone and all others from liability in connection with the same. I understand that, if selected, I will be an as-needed Servant Leader Volunteer, and that any agreement to the contrary must be in writing and signed by the Camp Director. I also understand that untrue, misleading, or omitted information herein may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discovery by the camp.