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Transportation Release for Day Camp

Please read the terms and conditions below. We promise they are not very long!
I give permission for my child/charge (“child”) to be transported in a motor vehicle driven by an adult authorized by Camp Ozone to town and back to Camp Ozone. I understand that my child is expected to follow all applicable laws regarding riding in a motor vehicle and is expected to follow the directions provided by the driver and/or other adult volunteers.

I have read, understand, and discussed with my child that:
(1) They will be traveling in a motor vehicle driven by an adult and they are to wear their safety-belt while traveling;
(2) They are expected to respect each other, the vehicles they ride in, and the people they travel with during the trip;
(3) Riding in a motor vehicle may result in personal injuries or death from wrecks, collisions or acts by riders, other drivers, or objects; and
(4) They are to remain in their seats and not be disruptive to the driver of the vehicle.

I understand that my child is not required to participate in this activity, but grant permission for him/her to do so, despite the possible risks. I recognize that by participating in this activity, as with any activity involving motor vehicle transportation, my child may risk personal injury or permanent loss. I hereby attest and verify that I have been advised of the potential risks, that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this activity, and that I assume any expenses that may be incurred in the event of an accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses.
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